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Mood Design & Sustainable New Zealand Pine: Furniture For All

Written by Ben McConnell

The Mood Store, based in Auckland, is renowned for its quality workmanship; the quality workmanship is combined with excellent design at a price that is both affordable, and competitive.

New Zealand’s market place for manufactured wooden goods is saturated with cheaply made, imported products that are both expensive and often contain un-sustainable products. Marketing campaigns and big box stores help to perpetuate the onslaught of subpar products. Thankfully, there are manufactures that still have proven quality and unique styling that dares to stand above the rest.

Mood Stores history runs deep, generations deep. Brothers Thomas and Sean are currently at the helm for both the Mood Store (based in Auckland’s CBD) and also their design store, aptly named, Mood Designs.

Mood Store Hall Side

Grant Daniels, Grandfather to Thomas and Sean, was a builder who could do it all.   His skills, knowledge and determination were then passed on to his son, Sean and Thomas’s father. Their Father focused his learning’s into cabinetry and building, and the two boys were immersed in building culture as they grew up.

Carpentry and building, wood work and design seem to run through this family’s blood, so it comes as no surprise that Thomas and Sean’s Mood Store is doing so well. The boys have a philosophy of making products that are clean and simple and that make good use of New Zealand’s sustainable pine. The philosophy of simplicity and workmanship, matched with world class materials, has gained them much popularity.

Mood Store Auckland

Mood Store

With this popularity comes custom design work, which currently takes up 40% of their overall work, and the custom design work shows no sign of slowing down. Breezing through Mood Stores website you’ll quickly understand why many are placing orders for custom designs, the unique lines and eloquently crafted work is a sight to behold.

We could forgive you for assuming that Mood Designs products come with a hefty price tag, being that their products are high end and expertly crafted, when in actual fact their pricing runs alongside that of the imported products that flood the NZ market. It’s a no brainer really, why spend hard earned cash on a sub par, big box retailer’s products when you could support locally sourced NZ pine, crafted to perfection by locals whom relationship with wood crafting stretches back forty odd years.

Mood Store furniture comes with a five-year warrantee to ensure satisfaction, but they know you’ll get many more years out of their products. Another advantage of the boys using NZ pine is the ease at which you can sand off an old coat of paint, and freshen it up with a new colour or varnish should fashions change or if your environment does.

As mentioned, working alongside the Mood Store is the Mood Design brand, which focuses on making kitchens, laundry’s and closets. Busy times for the lads indeed.

When visiting the Mood Store the appeal is immediate. Running your hands over the workmanship you can really feel the years of experience that have been poured into each and every piece. True craftsmanship in a throwaway society is getting harder and harder to come by, and when you do come across it, jump at the chance. Not only do you get an excellent product at an even better price, you can pat yourself on the back for supporting locally sourced, sustainable products built by two brothers who have cabinetry fever.  

Mood Store Couch Side Table

And if you aren’t in Auckland, keep an eye out, Sean and Thomas are looking to branch out in New Zealand with more stores opening in the near future. Mood design also looks to be expanding, so if you are looking at a new kitchen, closet or laundry then you know where to go. Having said that, you can custom order, or purchase a pre made product online, and have it shipped New Zealand wide.

Hats off to Mood Design, they are doing things right in a world that’s doing so much wrong.

Retail Store:

4 Domain Road, Mt Wellington, Auckland

Monday - Saturday. 9am to 5pm


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