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Heat Pump Hot Water Systems - Benefits

Heat pump water heating, how does it work?

Heat pump water heaters use the same technology as air-to-air heat pumps.  Just like room heating heat pumps, they are more efficient than traditional electric or gas water heaters.  They use ambient heat from the atmosphere, extracted by refrigerant gas and a compressor.

The video below explains how heat pump hot water systems work.

The benefits?

·      Efficiently heats hot water at a low running cost. 

·      Hot water heat pumps use less energy than standard electric hot water cylinders. (They use 70% less power than standard electric hot water cylinders.)

·      Put on a timer, they can be programmed to use power at cheaper night rates.

·      The hot water created from hot water heat pumps can be used for central heating.

·      Reliable heating source.

·      They can be used as a heat source for central heating or underfloor heating.

Why should you take advantage of Ecobobs 3, free quote service to get quotes for a Hot Water Heat Pump?

·      Depending on your location, you may need a different unit model. This is because different models have different temperatures at which they start to lose efficiency.  Ecobobs trusted installer companies will be able to provide the best advice for brands and models.

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When Hot Water Heat Pumps perform the best?

Heat pump water heaters work more efficiently when the outdoor temperatures are warmer.  Loss of efficiency occurs when the temperature drops below 6–7ºC, although some will continue to provide heating in temperatures down to –15ºC.

Selected hot water heat pumps may include an electrical heating element to top up your hot water cylinder. This is utilised when the temperature is too cold outside for the hot water heat pump to function.

Heat Pump Configuration 

There are two different configurations for heat pump water heating systems:

  • All-in-one system. The heat pump is attached to the storage cylinder in a single unit.
  • Split systems. The heat pump is separate from the storage cylinder. The heat pump would typically be outside and the cylinder would be inside.

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