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The Benefits of Heap Pumps at Home

Why choose a heat pump for your home?

  • Heat pumps are an efficient way of heating a home using electricity, allowing for less negative environmental impacts.
  • Heat pumps have low running costs when used correctly and when sized appropriately for the home.
  • They can heat a room quietly and at a rapid pace.
  • As well as heating, they provide cooling for the summer months.
  • Heat pumps evenly spread warmth throughout the room.
  • Heat pumps circulate heat via the room, which means the filter removes dust, mold spores and other air pollutants whilst heating or cooling.
  • Heat pumps are a safe option for home heating because there are no hot surfaces. They can be left on while you are not at home, or even when you are asleep. 

Why should you use Ecobob quoting service for a heat pump?

  • Installing a heat pump is a large expense, therefore comparing prices is very important.  Ecobob supplies you with 3 quotes from reputable companies, for free.
  • Avoid under sizing or oversizing the heat pump. Incorrect sizing can cause heat pumps to become inefficient, which in turn will cost you more money to run the machine.
  • There is a wide range of retailers offering heat pumps nowadays; Ecobob will get you 3, free quotes from companies that specifically specialise in heat pumps.
  • Some heat pump models wont perform as well in cooler climates.  Reputable companies that quote for Ecobob ensure installing a heat pump that performs all year round for your unique requirements. 

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Running a heat pump, the costs.

On average, a heat pump is 300% to 400% efficient.  Therefore, if your heat pump unit is 5kW, you will be using 1.5kW of electricity.  If you are paying 30¢ per unit of power, running the heat pump for an hour will cost you 45¢. 

Heat Pump Sizing

Heat pumps need to be the correct size for your home.  If the heat pump is too small it will not heat the home to a comfortable level.  Overworking the heat pump reduces its energy efficiency.  If the heat pump is too large it will require turning off and on to avoid overheating the home, which can dramatically increase your power bill. 

Types of Heat Pump Units

Indoor unit options include wall mounted, floor mounted, ceiling mounted, multi room and whole house ducted types.

The price of a heat pump in New Zealand?

Heat pumps start around $2,000 with installation for a 3kW unit.  A heat pump of this size would heat a bedroom.  A heat pump suitable for an open plan living area would around $4,000 including installation for a 5kW to 9kW unit.  Whole house ducted systems starts from $12,000.

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