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Ventilation Systems

Why use a ventilation system?

  • A ventilation system removes moisture and pollutants in the air.
  • Reduces condensation and mould.
  • They ventilate homes without having to open doors and windows. 
  • They provide cooling in summer, and make the home easier to heat in winter.
  • Improves the health of the homes occupants.

Need a ventilation system? Here’s how Ecobob can help:

  • A ventilation system needs to be selected specifically to suit your home, we ensure you get the best advice by using our free, 3 quote system.
  • Ecobob only recommends expert ventilation designers and installers.
  • Experts will test older homes for draughts before making any recommendations.

Get 3 Quotes for a Ventilation System For Your Home

Types of ventilation systems

Balanced pressure ventilation systems, also known as Heat Recovery Ventilation

This type of ventilation system has two fans; one brings fresh air into the home, whilst one extracts air from the home.  Some of the heat extracted is transferred to the incoming air via a heat exchange unit.

Some systems use the roof cavity to draw heat from on a clear winters day.   They can be designed to not heat incoming air on a hot day.

The house must be air tight to make sure the ventilation system works effectively. A balanced system installation for the average home starts from $6,000.


Positive Pressure Ventilation Systems

These ventilation systems force filtered air from your roof cavity into the house.  The stale air will then leak out through gaps, windows and doors. The performance of these systems will depend on the sizing of the fans, and the distribution of the vents.

An airtight house pushes filtered air in, creating a positive pressure inside the house which then causes inside air to move out.  If the house is not airtight, and if there are too many gaps and leakage points, then the system will not be able to force air into each rooms of the house appropriately.

Filters for these types of systems need to be replaced or cleaned regularly.

This type of system is relatively inexpensive and simple to install. A system suitable for a typical New Zealand home will cost from $1,500.

Why is ventilation important?

Older homes may have holes and cracks in them, helping to ventilate, but they can be very cold, and often hard to heat.  Because newer homes are a lot more air tight there needs to be a conscious effect to ventilate the home.  If a home is designed for natural ventilation, then you may need to open windows on a daily basis. In colder climates, opening windows can be counter productive, therefore a ventilation system will be needed.

Signs that a home might need a ventilation system:

  • A damp home
  • Mould
  • Excessive Condensation
  • High power bills
  • Asthma and health problems can occur from living in an un-ventilated home
  • Moisture. It can make your home uncomfortable to live in, and damage the homes structure (

 Get 3 Quotes for a Ventilation System For Your Home


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