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Vintage Filament LED Lights Arrive in New Zealand

Standard incandescent light bulbs are close to being completely phased out; the remnants being the current trend towards Edison / tungsten filament bulbs. 

Cool factor aside, many New Zealanders are over indulging in this lighting trend and the fact is they require a hefty amount of electricity to power. Finally, a LED vintage filament style light bulb has come to market, with a large selection of different variations and styles to choose from.  Available from

G95 spiral LED Light  ST64 - long filament LED lights  g125 honeycomb led lightboard

The lights emit diodes with the effect of amber filaments so its vintage styling all the way.  Modern technology provides efficiency via vintage aesthetics; the LED vintage filament is affordable and lasts a long, long time. 

The LED filament lights have a range of between 3 watts and 8 watts and use only a fraction of the power than that of incandescent lights. Dimmable bulb options are available; both with bayonet, and Edison screw fittings.

The LED bulbs have a low kelvin temperature of 2200K, giving a warm, calm radiance similar to a sun setting. The opposite of sterile, white fluorescent lights found in an office, or a lot of kiwi homes.

Filament LEDs operate at a really low temperature, making for a safer bulb. The new, vintage filament LED lights rarely go above 30° C. They can be touched without hesitation, even after hours of use. 

LED filament bulbs last 10,000 hours! Nine years would be needed if they were to be used for three hours for every day of the year.  In contrast, incandescent bulbs last for a low 1,000 hours.

Filament lights are so much more than just another vintage trend. They are aesthetically pleasing, and appeal to so many because of their comforting, warm glow.  Chances are they will be a mainstay in many high performance, eco homes throughout New Zealand.

Ecobob has just launched an all new online store stocking these filament LED bulbs.  Shop for filament LED lights here:

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