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4 Reasons to Insulate in Summer

by Matthew Cutler-Welsh, Home Sustainability Expert, Podcaster and Director of

Did you just battle through another winter with less than adequate insulation? Thawing out in the warm summer sun, we can try to figure out how to remedy the uninsulated winter that was 2015.

With less condensation on my windows each morning, I’ve stopped reaching for the remote control to the heat pump upon getting out of bed. It’s tempting to think, coming into summer, that now might not be the time to insulate.

Condensation Window without insulation

There’s always more exciting things to spend money on than insulation, though few items are more important than investing in the health of your family. So with that in mind, here are four good reasons why we think now is a great time to insulate your home.

1.The memory is fresh

Take action now before the memory of winter fades. Be motivated now to pick up the phone to get insulation quotes. Winter really was that bad at your place this year, make sure next year is warm and cosy, not cold, damp and depressing.                 

2. Good service

Anzac weekend we have our first taste of cold weather, and the insulation industry gets busy. The phones go crazy and you find yourself at the back of a long waiting list for quotes and installation. It could take months, by which time winter will have well and truly set in.

At this end of the season the install crews are efficient and waiting times are short. Use this time of year to your advantage and get the job done quickly, and to a high standard.

3. Buy your family an early Christmas present

Insulation might not be the fanciest Christmas gift, but it’s the gift that keeps giving year round! An investment in insulation will benefit you and your families health and comfort levels at home. Many insulation companies offer finance options, you can have insulation immediately without denting the Christmas budget.

4. Insulation works in summer

Insulation is really valuable in summer. Without ceiling insulation, a lot of New Zealand homes are not much better than a tin shed. They are really cold in winter, and they overheat in summer.  In  particular, ceiling insulation should reduce the need for costly air conditioning in summer.

Insulation is a fundamental component of home performance, no matter the season. I hope these suggestions highlight some incentives to get the job done and start benefitting straight away.

To find a good installer, I recommend getting three quotes from any company registered with the Insulation Association of New Zealand.


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