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NZ Builders Bring Eco Homes To Canada

Not afraid to take their mission overseas, the keen team at NZ Builders have been busy at work building some amazing homes in Victoria, Canada.  

The one significant difference between builds completed in New Zealand as opposed to Canada is that the builds are rotated in a different direction, optimising the sun on the south side of the home. Damon Gray, Manager at NZ Builder Ltd, is originally from Orewa, Auckland. 

NZ builders has a diverse team of Kiwi builders along side experienced craftsmen from Canada. New Zealand, or rather the "NZ" in the brand name, has helped to form NZ Builders identity in Canada,  and of course it is a tip of the hat to their homeland.

They continue to use building technologies and products that hail from both New Zealand and Canada. NZ Builders are a construction company that are focused on sustainable building practices, evolving their building systems over time and using innovative and forward thinking building technologies.

They provide clients with a high performance home that is built with overall environmental impact in mind, along with durability and maintenance of the home over its life. The Gonzales Modern home is optimised for the best views of the Olympic Mountain. Large eaves create shade in the summer and provide shelter from winter rain.

Regionally sourced materials have been used throughout the build that are low maintenance, and durable. Eco features include; exterior insulation, a heat recovery ventilation system, radiant floor heating, and low VOC finished, which helps to create a comfortable and healthy indoor environment with clean, fresh air.

The property also has 14,000 liters of rainwater storage for gardening and yard irrigation. 

An amazingly beautiful home that has been built to last for generations.

  • Eco Features:
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Outboard insulation • Radiant in floor heat • HRV • Low VOC finishes • Natural 1×4 cedar siding (not treated) • Red cedar 1×4 soffits • Cedar louver lat
  • Cedar canopy
  • TPO roofing Membrane 
  • LED Landscape Lighting












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