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The Deepening of Green: Vastu Architecture

Many years ago, I made my first trip to India after receiving permission from my Vastu mentor Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati of Mahabalipuram, to come for studies. My wife, Karen, and I landed in Chennai on a hot afternoon and made our way to a dusty hotel near the city center. Little did I know of the heartwarming and intriguing experiences that lay before us in our many visits to that amazing land. We had come to India to study Vastu architecture which is a sacred architecture tradition that creates spaces that are resonant with earth and solar energy, thus giving the building a special healing and soothing quality. I look on Vastu as a kind of “deep green” architecture: taking the resilient and harmonious aspect of building with the earth to another and deeper level.

That afternoon we visited our first ancient temple and felt, for the first time, the vibration of a Vastu structure. I didn’t fully appreciate it at the time, but I have come to know that Vastu energy as unique and enthralling. As I look back on that day, I am deeply thankful to my teacher for sharing the knowledge of how to design such structures, thus making it possible for me to share this profound experience with others.

Once we began our studies with Sthapati (pronounced STAH pa tee), each day we would go to his office, located a couple of blocks from the sparkling Bay of Bengal in Thiruvanmayur, a suburb of Chennai. We would sit with him for a precious few hours in the midst of the hubbub of his bustling office. No matter what was happening that day, Sthapati would stop what he was doing and patiently focus his attention on our studies, speaking at length in his calm, accented voice, illustrating his points with drawings and answering our questions on Vastu Science.

True to the form of a master architect/sculptor, Sthapati began with the foundational theories of Vastu Science. Many a hot and humid day, we sat with Sthapati as he opened our minds and hearts to his life’s mission and passion.

One question I asked Sthapati in those early days was “What caused the whole process of expression of the Universe?” His answer was to quote Kahil Gibran: “Life’s longing for Itself!”

Though we call it Vastu science for simplicity’s sake, Vastu knowledge encompasses sublime artistic principles as well as scientific principles. In fact, in this discipline there is no distinction between science and art: scientific observation of the natural world is experientially artistic, and vice versa. The Vastu designer applies the appropriate principles of manifestation to the creation of new objects that will have the ability to vibrate in deep resonance with matrices of cosmic energy: in my case, building with high energy, healing space.

The simple truth of Vastu Science is that it has conceived, understood and applied the most basic formulas governing the ways in which Primal Substance (the pure energy level of the universe) is made manifest as the vast and gross material universe. This science expands on the tenet that there is substantially no difference between subtle and gross forms of life. It is a scientific philosophy of unity of all life forms on all levels for all time.

The ultimate goal of understanding and applying Vastu principles is the full realization of the intrinsic connectedness of all life forms.

Vastu structures are vibrant connections to a universal-energy matrix. These structures resonate with the most sublime and powerful forces or “laws” of Nature, which are specified and generated by space/time/light.

by Michael Borden

Example of a Vastu Home

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