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Urban eco village for Auckland?

Fairground is starting a consultation process with a wide range of architects, town planners, developers and building suppliers to look at high density eco housing close to the heart of Auckland city.

With the population increasing and becoming more urbanized Malcolm believes it’s imperative to create practical, commercially successful green solutions for healthy housing and sustainable living. Malcolm’s plan is to create a vibrant, healthy urban eco-village that’s so successful it will be copied by developers worldwide.

Who are we?

Malcolm Rands. Leader
From running not for profits, helping set up NZ’s first permaculture eco village, founding ecostore, an international multimillion-dollar business, Malcolm has finally warmed up for his greatest challenge!

Trish Kirkland-Smith. Collaborator
With extensive experience in local government, sustainability and community resilience, Trish brings a passion for people, partnerships and the environment to the foundation.

Betsy Lawrence. Collaborator
With experience in strategy planning in private and public companies here and in the UK, Betsy has returned to NZ with a passion to make things happen.

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