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Honda Hoon's Toward An Electric Future With The E Prototype

Honda and hybrid vehicles have history, they've been plugging away at several incarnations of hybrid vehicles for well over a decade. The Accord, Clarity and Insight are all exceptional Honda hybrid vehicles from the past, but these part-time EV's are expensive and pale in comparison to their present day-full time EV counterparts.

With a rejuvenated electric vehicle industry that is packed with competition, pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle production and innovation seems to be the new driving force behind the team at EV Honda.

Honda's latest offering - the Honda E Prototype (or the Honda E) - should be available to purchase as early as 2020 for Honda's European market. Sadly, New Zealanders and Australians rely on overseas retailers to sell vast quantities of EV's before even considering our relatively small EV markets as viable destinations.

Honda E-prototype

The Honda EV prototype should please the masses, it hits all the right spots; from the retro styling through to its rear wheel driven EV platform, it's packed with the latest tech. The Honda EV prototype finds itself in the middle of the EV market, not too expensive and ostentatious, yet not so small that you'd struggle to get out of the city with the battery.

Honda has kept quiet with detailed information on the prototype's engine and battery, divulging little. We do know that Honda is trying to juice around 200 km's out of the little beast, which is by no means groundbreaking, but a thoroughly sufficient battery output for Australian and New Zealand roads. There is less bulk under the hood and Honda use this to their advantage, creating a sleek EV prototype (slightly shorter than the Honda Jazz) with a low centre of gravity that hugs the road, adding a whippy-yet-solid sporty feel to its aesthetic and performance. Round lights establish throwback stylings, with a futuristic front end that looks every part 20/20.

Honda Prototype

Inside feels deluxe, with all the modern conveniences one might expect, with a mind-blowing interconnected 12-inch dash screen that allows for one-touch control of air conditioning, maps, rear view mirrors, reversing camera, stereo and so on. It's this unique match of minimalism, comfort and modern tech that makes Honda's EV Prototype so intriguing.

Honda EV

The Honda E Prototype will be sure to ruffle some feathers, the battery and engine performance have yet to be determined by the public and the price point could be too high. However, we think there's potential with Honda's E Prototype - it performs well on the road, is built to a high standard, and has impressive technology buzzing inside and out. Here's hoping Honda finds success with the Honda E Prototype, we'd love to see them on New Zealand roads soon.

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