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A total algae to energy solution announced

New Zealand: Solray Energy and Aquaflow Bionomic Corporation have agreed to work together to speed up their capability to clean polluted water using microalgae, which when harvested is used immediately as a feedstock for ‘next’ generation bio fuel.

The purpose of the collaboration is to reconstitute two of the world’s most rapidly depleting resources ‘new’ water, and ‘drop in’ transport ‘bio fuels’.

Aquaflow has developed low cost, low energy, commercial technologies to harvest and store significant daily tonnages of micro algae, and in addition a wide variety of uses for such harvested algae.

Solray has developed a reactor and extraction process to detoxify algae resulting in crude oil and other co-products. The crude oil is capable of being refined to drop in biofuels, such as bio petrol and bio diesel. The new reactor can process several tonnes of harvested microalgae per day.

The companies say there is an insatiable global demand for clean water, reduction of nitrogen and phosphates which have seriously degraded aquatic ecosystems, and post ‘peak oil’ a need for renewable biofuels from waste.

There is a rapidly growing global market in arid countries such as the Western USA and Australia for ‘new’ water and biofuels.

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