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Goal Zero - Plug and play Generators


For years using solar power technologies to charge phones and power other on the road gadgets has been little more than a gimmick or passing fad for mass consumption, primarily this is because the technologies have been limited.
With smart phones, modern gadgets, and solar power technologies evolving at an ever increasing pace, what better time than now for an exiting and new company to enter the marketplace of solar power battery technologies.

Goal Zero is the company making an impact and forging the way ahead for portable solar power supplies in the action/sports market. Goal Zero has many different portable power devices for all sorts of modern technologies, for charging your laptop while on the road, to powering tools and workstations, to simply charging your phone. Goals Zero not only manufactures solar panels for charging, but also designs and manufactures lights, re chargeable stereo speakers, power packs and solar generators, and even have an apparel line.


Above: Goal Zero Solar Generator, Yeti 150

Looking through the catalogue of Goal Zero’s current line of products the Yeti 1250 Solar Generator Kit is a stand out. This impressive feat of solar technology boasts an impressive storage capacity of 1250 watts of power! The generator can be recharged by AC, 12V or Solar and has USB, 12V, AC and power pole power outputs. This generator is not only the perfect solution for the adventurer who insists on bringing their laptop on journeys, but also an excellent generator to have stored in the home for emergencies. Goal Zero recommends the Yeti 1250 for powering refrigerators, freezers, home health care equipment, laptops, televisions and lights (to name but a few ideas). Best of all, the Yeti 1250 is a silent power generator and has zero fumes, zero petrol and zero wasted power. An impressive feat indeed.

Not only is Goal Zero manufacturing some of the most revolutionary solar accessories their making a positive impact in empowering people. A percentage of proceeds from sales of Goal Zero products go towards helping the world become more self sustainable, setting up projects to power small villages in remote locations and allowing customers to choose which project they would like to see supported by Goal Zero. Its fantastic when a company comes along that you can really get behind like Goal Zero, they have products that really do work extremely well, they are a sustainable and Earth conscious company, and they are only just getting started.

The product line of Goal Zero is ever expanding, and there is a product suited to every occasion that might require power generation. Whether you’re requiring a generator or a smart phone charger, a self powering lamp or some rechargeable batteries for your bike light – Goal Zero really does have you covered.

Check out Travis Burke's Advernture Mobile in the below youtube clip. He's an adventure photographer with the most inspiring van set-up. He has the Yeti 1250, which has can charge his go-pro, camera's, laptops and his fridge.

You can view all Goal Zero products available here in New Zealand from What Power Crisis

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Posted by on 05/12/2015 01:07 PM

zero wasted power . Must 100% efficient . Bold claim .

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