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iSmart Hot Water Controller

iSmart Hot Water Controller NZ

It may come as a surprise to some, but heating hot water in New Zealand homes can account for approximately one third to of our power bills. 

Over the years the New Zealand public have been collectively upgrading our light bulbs so as to be more energy efficient, whilst at the same time swapping fan heaters in favour of heat pumps.  In terms of trying to gain efficiencies from our appliances, hot water cylinders have perhaps fallen on the wayside.  

New Zealand Smart Energy Homes recently introduced their iSmart Hot Water Controller, a product that manages your hot water storage, ensuring your cylinder only heats as much hot water as you need.

How does the iSmart work?  Simply put, the iSmart Controllers turns the cylinder elements on or off, depending on the temperature readings at two locations on the cylinder. The current readings, historical data, customer provided commands and the mode of operation are used to decide when to alternate the cylinder elements.

The Controller function reduces heat loss, compared to keeping the cylinder fully heated at all times, saving you money on your energy bills.

The Smart Controller can communicate with energy sources such a solar pv system, hot water heat pump or a night rate tariff to access even greater cost savings.

The best way to understand this systems benefits is via the youtube clip provided below.

After the initial info, the testimonials is where you really get to see how you can reduce your power bills with one of these iSmart Controllers.

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