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A Merry Eco Christmas

Christmas time has come around fast. The older I get the quicker it seems to come and Im only 28! Personally, I do find Christmas shopping a little painful, as the people-pleaser in me is tortured as I HAVE to get the perfect gift... and who can really determine what that is in the hustle and bustle, noise and traffic of a Westfield mall. And in all honesty, the scrooge in me is pained by spending money on things my family probably wont love or really care about, and will eventually go to waste. So this year I am again contemplating supporting “Oxfam Unwrapped” and would love to give a goat, or a chickens or even ducks to a well deserving human in a 3rd world country. Gifts with a little bit more meaning.

But back to my NZ well deserving humans, Im trying to think green and eco, and affordable. Here are some great green gift ideas for green minded types.

Last year a green fingered friend blessed me with a freshly grown bunch of vegetable seedlings wrapped with bows and ribbons. These seedlings were a treat and saved me over $20 if I was to go out and buy them. Plus they are a gift that lasts which produced gifts and more gifts to spread over my dinner plates for months after Christmas. Better yet, giving seedlings is super cheap for the growee, so you can save money in the process.

Food basket
If you are green fingered, and have an abundance of fruit and vege growing an producing all at once, a food basket is an awesome gift idea, especially for an urbanite who is unable to grow their own. And at christmas time food budgets can be tight with so many extra purchases as well as extra family members hanging around. Fill a huge basket with fresh fruits and vege, packaged in eco brown paper bags and ribbon, and perhaps a few foody treats or wine on the side. Once again, CHEAP and super easy.

Organic sprays
This may sounds super nerdy and a bit too hippy, but.... for a clueless urbanite who is learning to grow their own veges, organic and natural sprays are a terrific christmas present. Think garlic sprays, and tomato feed using epsom salts (for ideas see my previous article on natural sprays). Package in cutesy spray bottles from Mitre 10 (also the warehouse), which are around $3. Label carefully with instructions, so a novice gardener knows what to do with it!

UrbanGarden Gift Pack
If your children, grandchildren, friends or colleagues do not know how to grow vegetables, help them! Gardening is making a huge comeback in New Zealand, and has become fashionable again with the younger crew. With recessions and global warming and all sorts of predictions, doom and gloom, help these consumeristic youngens out by encouraging them to adopt a self-sufficient lifestyle. Purchase an UrbanGarden Gift Pack from urbanmac. Perfect for a novice gardener who doesn’t know where to start, as everything you need is there! Starting at $120 these hot Gift Packs include a solid macrocarpa box, eco organic soil, certified organic seedlings, and delivery in Auckland City! Again, cheap, easy and reduces waste. Also for every garden box sale, $5 goes to the Save the Children Fund.

Have a wonderful green holiday, as you relax, bless and be blessed

By Holly Jean Brooker

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