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Dealing with Christchurch Quake Sewage

This is a message to all those in Christchurch without adequate sewerage.

I have asked a permaculture teacher if there is a better way to deal with it than by burying in it or digging a long drop or using a chemical toilet.

The answer from Bryan Innes is this, so please pass it on to anyone you know.

"There should be plenty of EM in Ch'ch. Dilute about a capful of EM in a half litre spray bottle. A nappy bucket lined with news paper and with a tight fitting lid with EM sprayed or Bokashi sprinkled on the poos will the trick. Allow 0 .75 litres bucket volume per person per day. Tip into a worm farm, compost heap or bury after two weeks. The result is pickled poos!

Toilet paper and rolls can also be included. Urine in a separate bucket can be diluted and poured on lawns or gardens daily, watch the growth. That is the easiest, fastest solution I know of."

(And you can buy EM in garden stores or organic food stores, whichever is open for business.DK)

Well done Lyttelton for continuing to hold their street party last Saturday. Just show what years of preparation and community building can do. Their timebank has played a big role in this.


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Posted by jo DM on 03/11/2015 03:02 PM

EM what does it stand for? Bokashi where can this be found? Thanks.

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