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Living, Growing Roofs Beginning to Sprout in Aotearoa

Aucklander Robyn Simcock is renovating her garage. As is, it is slightly sunken into the ground so that the roof is only a metre above the pavement. She has pumice, wild flowers, succulents and New Zealand natives ready for the renovation. She wants the garage to look nice, because it can be seen from the street. However, these plants and rocks aren’t for landscaping the garden around it. They are part of the renovation. Ms Simcock is creating a living, growing, roof. Robyn Simcock, who works at Land Care Research New Zealand, has one of the first living roofs in New Zealand.

Her green roof, as it’s called, is made up of a mixture of media. It has a base layer which provides the solid roof, a soil layer, and a ‘mat’ of plants –mainly sedums, which are mosses.

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