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Living off the grid and off the water mains

A new house design bound for Christchurch promises its occupants can live off the grid and off the water mains.

A warm home that provides its own water and power and costs only about $10 a week to run? It sounds like a dream, particularly in disaster- struck Christchurch.

But a Waikato couple say they have designed just such a home, and are bringing it south.

Allan and Sally Nicholson say their idea was inspired by the plight of Cantabrians after the earthquakes.

"I've always loved the concept of being independent and living off the grid. I'm not a hippy or anything, but I'd been designing something in my head for a while," Allan Nicholson says.

"We were watching the news, seeing people in Christchurch with no power and no water, so I put pen to paper."

The result was the Hybrid Smart Home, and the Nicholsons say they can build 100 of them in eight to 12 weeks. Their showhome at the Agricultural Fieldays in Waikato earlier this month was overrun with interest, with a third of the inquiries coming from Cantabrians.

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Posted by Joel Lim on 03/11/2015 03:02 PM

Hybrid house options
So whats happened with this project - does anyone know if its been implemented?

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