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Raise fruit trees in the family

Remember the reliable old lemon tree at the bottom of the garden? Or the plum tree you would climb at your nana’s?
Fruity Gumboot Ltd is a response to nostalgia (if not remembered then imagined!) for the self-sufficiency, simplicity and strong sense of family and neighbourhood of this by-gone era. Fruity Gumboot makes it easy to raise fruit trees in the family – with planting, organic maintenance and a guarantee!

Established by Tamra Ewing and drawing on years of gardening experience, Fruity Gumboot aims to inspire an urban Auckland family’s relationship with their outside environment.

“It’s all about a new way of looking at your garden as a reciprocal relationship – nurture your garden and it will nurture you back. We’re encouraging families to consider fruit trees as part of their family,” says Tamra Ewing.

Half a century ago functional home gardens were in their heyday – with a vibrant fruit and vege garden the sign of a healthy hard-working family. Fast-forward to the 21st century and we’re just as hard-working and good health is just as much a priority.

Modern burdens involve ensuring your family is getting the nutrients they need and avoiding chemical pesticides where possible by buying organic while trying not to spend a fortune doing it! Did you know a mature feijoa tree can produce 25kg of fruit – this could cost around $125 at the supermarket based on average pricing of $4.99/kg.

As part of its organic approach, Fruity Gumboot recognizes the value of a garden rich in diversity – and that includes you!

“Interaction, observance, anticipation… Raising fruit trees in the family is so much more than just the harvest!” says Tamra Ewing.

Will your children’s memories be of stacked fruit at the supermarket or the anticipation of fruit ripening? Fruity Gumboot is keen to involve your children in the planting process with teaching activities aimed at inspiring the next generation of gardeners.

In keeping with its neighbourly philosophy, Fruity Gumboot is always busy with a charitable community fruit tree planting. Most recently Tamra Ewing involved the children at Unitec Childcare, Mt Albert, in an interactive planting activity of their own mandarin tree.

Celebrate your family with a gift that grows memories – and a delicious harvest every year! From plums to mandarins to peaches to Granny Smiths, Fruity Gumboot can support you to raise fruit trees in your family.

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Posted by on 03/11/2015 03:02 PM

Fruit trees
It amazes me when people wax nostalgic about grannies fruit trees and when they eventually own a property don't plant any themselves. Looked around a new subdivision in Whitby awhile ago and didn't see a single fruit tree. First thing we did when purchasing our property 15 years ago was rip out all the ornamental apple trees, and clumps of rambling roses and other trees that were going to get the size of the house, replacing them with fruit trees, apples, oranges, manderines, grapefruit, limes, feijoa, plums etc Renters, ask your landlord if you can plant a fruit tree, you never know he may even pay for it.

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