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Taking Action on Climate Change

This year's Eco Design Advisor conference will update you with what's going on in councils, the design and research communities, and central government, and how it impacts our housing.

Councils are responding with climate action plans and are needing to work with their communities to find solutions - Auckland and Dunedin Councils tell us what they are up to.

Researchers are quantifying and identifying the risks climate change brings to houses, and on reducing house-related carbon emissions - we have research from the Deep South Science Challenge, BRANZ and the NZ Green Building Council on what they have learned and what you need to know.

Designers are working on houses that respond to climate change either by adapting to changing weather impacts, or by reducing the home's impact on the environment - hear about the different approaches of four architects/designers.

And because this is an Eco Design Advisor conference, we catch up with MBIE and EECA's programmes to improve house performance, the latest mould research from Otago University, and how to advise on heating choices that won't harm the Earth.

Lots for everyone! Plus it's a great networking opportunity which brings people from all angles of the issue together.

Check out the link below for the event programme and registration.

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