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5 Reasons why you should aim for Homestar certification


Homestar is a rating tool for New Zealand homes that rates in terms of energy use indoor environments, water, waste and much more. The goal of Homestar is to improve performance in homes around New Zealand. Improved performance reduces the environmental impacts of new and existing homes, while enhancing the internal health and comfort conditions for people living inside the home. New Zealand has about one million houses that don’t have the ability to provide a warm and healthy space to live in, these poor performing homes have a major impact on health, productivity and end up costing the New Zealand economy. 

As time goes on, more and more homes will become Homestar certified, but why the need for such a rating on your home?

1. It gives you a better understanding of the benefits that a sustainable home can bring you.

Having an environmentally friendly home has a lot of advantages. When you are planning to build a new house or undertake a major renovation, working towards a good Homestar rating is a smart move. Always ensure you engage very early on (way before any Building Consent is lodged) with a professional Homestar Consultant and Homestar Practitioner. The Homestar Practitioner will help review your ideas and drawings, decide on the best design options and material selections, and provide you with support toward your final certification audit.

2. Reduce the environmental impact of your home.

Those that apply for a Homestar certificate of course want a high rating. A Homestar practitioner can give you all the advice you need. This advice can bring important matters to the attention of the homeowners. Sometimes some small changes can bring the rating up very easily. The changes can make the house a better place to live, and help to reduce your overall impact on the environment. 

3. Save in energy costs.

Homes with a solid Homestar rating save on energy bills and help you save on water bills. Investments in healthy and eco-certified products for your home can be valuable in the long term. It is a smart choice if you have a young family and you wish to provide a healthy and mould-free environment for them to grow up in. As for energy savings, we all like the idea of lower energy bills, so a little money spent up front can be reimbursed in just a few years.

 4. Make valuable investments in your home and get recognition.

When making investments in attributes, improving the performance of your home, you can get recognition for them through Homestar certification. This signals to buyers that you have paid attention to the things that can’t be seen, such as the insulation behind the walls, moisture and vapor barriers and low toxicity materials. Nonetheless, these are all items that contribute towards the overall quality and appeal of a home and buyers are becoming increasingly aware of these issues and giving preference to the better options. Sellers beware, a quick lick of fresh paint will no longer do the job!

5. Homestar rated homes sell and rent faster.

Overseas research shows homes with performance ratings sell and rent faster, for higher prices than non-rated homes. The UK, Europe and North America have developed similar rating tools, such as LEED for Homes in the USA and the Code for Sustainable Homes in the UK. A Homestar Rating makes performance of the home obvious in comparison to homes without a rating. This makes a home with a Homestar certificate much more appealing. 

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