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Benefit of Natural Lighting Systems

The benefits of natural lighting systems are numerous.

Natural light transforms the living space revealing the true colours within a home or business. The natural lighting can also change our perception of space, which tends to feel more spacious and expansive than spaces light by artificial lighting.

Another obvious benefit is that natural light and natural light systems help save electricity consumed by artificial lighting.

Sunlight is also considered to be one of the best natural disinfectant against mould, and natural lighting can naturally reduce the production of these kind of organisms.

To achieve good natural light in your home you can look at two options:
- Windows and skylights
- Solar tube systems

If you are looking at windows, then of course you need to select some with good thermal performance (to prevent too much heat loss) and consider your shading in the hotter summer months (external shading) to prevent potential overheating.
Refer to our first education spot for further information and links to great performing aluminium or timber windows on EnviroSpec:

If you are looking at solar tune system, a number of suppliers are available through the EnviroSpec website:

Solar tubes are cylinders used to bring natural light into homes, to help replace or add to electric lights. They’re usually installed on roofs and come through to the ceiling below. A clear dome at the top of the tube lets sunlight in. Inside the house, a diffuser spreads light in the room. The light will be brightest if the tube is short and straight. Solar tubes don’t require electric installation, they can also be useful in wet areas like bathrooms or rooms with indoor pools.

For more information on this, you can visit the EnviroSpec website.

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