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Harvesting the timbers for the new urban sustainable home by ebode

Ebode sustainable homes is using NZ Draft-wood for its Westmere urban eco house project. Draft-wood is a timber that has been harvested with the up most care to minimise impact on the environment. all trees are selected and carefully felled to minimise damage and extracted using natural draft horse power.

Draft horses have the ability to maneuver in the stand to allow single tree selection and they also have very little ground disturbance not to mention no fossil fuels, smoke or noise (can still here the tui).

NZ Draft-wood are currently logging 80 year old wilding western red cedar and lawson cypress (which are trees which have spread wild from seed in our native bush) from D.O.C land allowing room for the native species.

The slow growing and the age of the trees makes for beautiful timber. Western red cedar and lawson cypress require no treatment allowing for a chemical free ecologically sound building product perfect for our ebode homes.

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