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Ministry of Education - Sustainability Contestable Fund

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A Ministry of Education (MOE) initiative in the form of a 'Sustainability Contestable Fund' has been established to support New Zealand schools to improve their efficiency and reduce their environmental impact, which is great for the 'eco-friendly' industry and great to know that government funding is being put to sustainable projects.

The funding is to support energy projects to achieve:

  • Increased Energy Resilience, especially to rural and remote schools;
  • Replacement of non-renewable energy sources and/or reduction in energy use;
  • Reduction in wasteand/or increased recycling;
  • Reduction of carbon emission through the use of new technology, infrastructure or energy sources.
  • The fund is planned to operate for four years until June 2023, with an initial $5,000,000.00 budget allowance.

The fund is for projects with a minimum $5,000.00 value, and planned to range $5,000.00 - $100,000.00

We understand that at the time of writing (March 2020), the first round of funding has been closed, but with another round of funding due to open in 2020.

Examples of types of projects that could be funded include:

  • Diesel, coal or gas boiler replacement;
  • Replacement of inefficient heating systems;
  • Power infrastructure upgrades to allow use of plant/appliances that use renewable energy sources;
  • Recycling and/or waste reduction initiatives that require a capital investment such as development of composting infrastructure. Solar electricity (photo-voltaic) installation in areas with low energy resilience.
  • Other property upgrades that will increase energy resilience, reduce energy loss, increase energy resilience, reduce wast or reduce carbon emissions. These could include water saving measures such as rainwater collection and low flow plumbing fittings.

There are restrictions and exclusions to the funds use and the funds must be applied for by the schools, through their Property Advisor, but this obviously presents an opportunity for businesses that operate in this field and can offer these types of services to schools along with the opportunity to create some long term relationships with schools. It is also really positive that the government is actively promoting and assisting to fund sustainability projects. Find out more by follwing the MOE links below.

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