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Summer Comes in: Save Water!

Summer Comes: Save Water!

In our daily activities, we don’t really think about the water we use: flushing the toilet, taking a shower, washing the car, shaving… Many of our actions waste water. As summer approaches people have to be ever more careful to conserve water as much as possible. 

Water conservation means using water carefully for an eco-friendly environment. 

FACT: The majority of water on the earth is salt water. Only 3% is fresh water and 1% is available for drinking water, because the other 2% is stored in ice caps. 

There are many reasons to save water: first, because water isn’t unlimited and we have to conserve it for future generations and find solution to avoid wasting their water. Moreover, water is the foundation for food and life. 
Last, but not least, saving water in your daily routines saves you money, and reduces your bills. 

Water your garden in the morning or evening 

Indeed, if you water the garden when the sun is high, it will evaporate quickly. The knack is to sprinkle your plants when the sun is down. Try to water the grass deeply once or twice a week, rather than frequently. Better yet, just let it go a little drier if there is a really long hot spell…such is the way of nature, why fight it? 

Use a drip irrigation system 

A drip irrigation system sends small amounts of water to the roots of plants through a perforated tube, avoiding any excess or wastage. Make sure it is set on a timer or has a rain/humidity sensor so it doesn’t switch on when not required. 

Take a shower instead of a bath 

Try to take a shower during 2 minutes, it can save up to 1 750 gallons of water per person in your household each year! As for the showerhead itself, aim for one that consumes less than 9Litres per minute. You will find leading products on specialized websites like which features amongst others the Methven Kiri Satinjet that achieves less than six litres per minute while still providing an enjoyable shower experience. 

Capture water 

Get a rain barrel. Keep the rain water and reuse it in your garden for example. There are lots of water-saving techniques to catch water when it falls. If you are really dedicated, you can even collect water in a bucket while you do the washing-up or while you wait for the shower to warm up… Use this water to water your plants. 

Install an efficient toilet 

Modern day toilets are dual flush and have greatly improved performance. There are many available on the market with 4.5L full flush and 3L half flush. Caroma produce a model with an integrated hand basin, called the Profile 5, which saves resources by allowing the same water to be used for two purposes. Fresh water is first used for hand washing and then flows into the cistern to ultimately flush the toilet.

Use the dishwasher 

Washing by hand can use more water than some of the more efficient modern dish washer models (e.g. 4 energy star and 5 WELS star rated). Be sure to only launch the machine if it is full…don’t run it half empty as that is not making good use of its potential efficiency. 

Avoid having a swimming pool, especially the “pop up” ones for the summer…just go to the beach, its better anyway!

People can change their habits and lifestyle to conserve a little water every day. If we all did this, it could amount to savings enough to fill hundreds of Olympic sized swimming pools each year….

Information Source: Envirospec

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