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How to Insulate Your Home With 3M Insulation Film.

How To Insulate Your Home With 3M Tape

Written by Ben McConnell

No doubt about it, winter is here. An Insulated home is essential in the quest for everlasting warmth. However, it’s not always attainable for those on a budget or for renters whom landlords are less than enthusiastic about keeping there tenants warm and healthy.

So the folks at, sick of cold nights and even colder mornings, decided to do something about the lack of insulation in their home. We filmed the process and cut it into a short video. On the You Tube page, below the video description, is a short list of instructions on how to insulate certain areas of your home with 3M insulating film.

We had a bunch of fun insulating this way, and the results are fantastic; it really does help insulate rooms in your home, and at a reasonable cost. 



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