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New Zealand's Electric Bike Scene Is Thriving

Electric bicycles are the eco-friendly solution to stop our fossil fuel burning ways and the healthy option to get to work, shopping or just enjoying a bit of fresh air. Electric bikes have grown in popularity in New Zealand, so much so that eager eyes usually spot multiple electric bikers on their daily commute.

When Nelson Tasman engineer Frank Witowski decided to prioritise his fitness, he looked for an e-bike to help him achieve his fitness goals. When Frank discovered the bike he wanted didn't exist, he took matters into his own hands and decided to make his own.

Two years later and Frank's aptly named "Hybrid Bikes" are taking the biking fraternity by storm, with nationwide distribution and interest from overseas markets. Hybrid Bikes achieved a top ranking of 80% for two of its bikes in Consumer NZ rankings of e-bikes.

"Being a New Zealand business is important to us, and we stand behind our product completely. This means we offer an extended warranty compared to other brands, because we believe in our bikes 100 percent."

Frank's carbon fibre frame bikes are strong, durable, sleek, and light. They're faster than comparative e-bikes and at $4950 they are significantly less expensive than other carbon fibre bikes on the market. Hybrid Bikes use proven components from trusted manufacturers, and the bikes can be used as a normal push bike without the motor.

The Hybrid Bikes M18 Speedmaster commuter & the F18 low bar cruiser can easily take on most cycling tracks, such as the Wilderness Trail on the West Coast. If Franks Hybrid Bikes aren't in a city near you, they will be soon.

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Posted by simon on 26/09/2019 09:51 PM

The amount of ebikes in Wellington is amazing. The close proximity of a lot of suburbs to the city is great, but the hills are steep! The ebike is a good solution allowing unfit people like myself to bike to the city.

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