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Charging stations for electric cars

When electric vehicles become the norm in New Zealand, there'll have to be streetside charging systems established, as well as ways to pay for the electricity we use. DAVE MOORE says that a UK company has already thought about it.

A ground-breaking tool for monitoring and invoicing electricity drawn from vehicle- charging stations debuted at the Norwegian zero-emissions exhibition, EVS 24, last week.

Called EBConnect - the latest technical innovation from British company Elektromotive - the system will make it easy to identify energy consumption and bill customers accurately. It will be installed in all Elektrobay charging stations, of which there are already more than 160 across Britain, and it's likely this is the kind of system that might find its way here.

Founded in 2003, Elektromotive is one of the world's leading providers of technology and engineering solutions for electric-vehicle charging stations.

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