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Vector Installs Two Rapid Electric Car Chargers

Rapid electric car charger

With 50 EV vehicles being registered each month in New Zealand the need for electrical charging stations is growing, fast. The disruptive technology is something big cities such as Auckland really to need to grapple with and help promote. So it’s with great enthusiasm that we report on the latest EV charging stations that have been launched in downtown Auckland, courtesy of Vector.

Two rapid electric vehicle chargers were unveiled at Vector’s Hobson street substation last Thursday, with Vector making the announcement that there will be at least another 15 rapid chargers placed throughout the city over the next eight months.

Charging a vehicle via the rapid charger takes between 15 to 30 minutes, to the uniformed this may seem like a lifetime in comparison to the traditional gas pump, but in reality this is a good speed at which one can top up their battery. And the cost of charging a vehicle at a Vector EV charging station is far less than a traditional tank of fuel, so stop that snickering Johnny gas guzzler.

Vector was also the first in Auckland to launch standard charging stations (as opposed to rapid charging stations) where the charge time is closer to three to five hours. Obviously this charging time is not ideal for those on the run, but these stations still serve a purpose, and Vector plans on building more standard charging stations around Auckland as well as their rapid chargers.

Installation of Vectors standard chargers will be installed in locations like cinemas and malls, where parking your car for extended periods of time can be met with a bonus of recharging your electric vehicle over the three to five hour wait time.

Vector is obviously leading the charge in promoting the use of renewable energy technologies buts its worth noting that the Auckland Energy Consumer Trust has also played a major role in the funding of the project.

With electric vehicles becoming more affordable and thus more prevalent on New Zealand roads, you can bet your bottom dollar that cities and towns throughout New Zealand will be sprouting similar charging stations in the near future.


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