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What is an Eco Home

Sustainable, healthy and environmentally sound along with the efficient use of power, water and building materials are among the most considered aspects of eco homes. Present day Eco homes are designed to offer so much more than just "Off the Grid" living. Perhaps it's a new build or a renovation, the opportunities for materials and services to make your eco dream a reality are finally here. Eco homes are now at the forefront of the portfolios of many architects and home designers. Comfort, style and sophistication needn't be sacrificed in the pursuit of sustainable living.

No list exists of specific features to define an eco home, but we suggest it may include features such as LED lighting, low VOC, passive heating from the sun, solar power, high level density insulation - with no thermal bridging, rain water collection and a vegetable garden.

Ecobob's philosophy behind eco houses encompasses 'high performance eco homes' 'zero energy homes' and 'zero energy housing'.

About 3 Quotes for Eco Products

This online service is provided to help the process of building or renovating an eco-friendly project with 3 quotes provided quickly and accurately from various industry professionals.

Select the Eco House related product you are after and we will promptly contact you with 3 reputable suppliers that service your area.

How it works: Simply let us know via Ecobobs easy online form what kind of product you require, details about the specific build or project and we will forward the details to 3 providers that will send you individual quotes.

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Ecobob's Mission

Since Ecobob's inception in 2007 our focus has been on sustainable and eco friendly living, working with people and companies that share our vision.

The name Ecobob is derived from the word "eco", an abbreviation for 'ecologically friendly' and the acronym 'bob' which stands for 'best of both'.

Here at the Ecobob HQ we believe that sustainable living really does allow individuals and families to enjoy the latest eco home technologies in style and comfort. In fact, we believe eco friendly homes are some of the most technically savvy builds on the housing market today. Matching technical sophistication with state of the art sustainable builds with luxurious design and renovating makes for an enjoyable time to be involved in the industry.

Obtaining an eco home can be an arduous process, Ecobob has developed a system to speed this process up: Firstly there is the 3 quotes for eco jobs, then we have the directory and existing eco homes that are available for purchase, we also offer eco-home plans from pre existing builds that have proven to be popular. If its advice, tips, resources or knowledge, Ecobob is here to help make your sustainable dream a reality.

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