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    Why choose a heat pump for your home?

    • Heat pumps are an efficient way of heating a home using electricity, allowing for less negative environmental impacts.
    • Heat pumps have low running costs when used correctly and when sized appropriately for the home.
    • They can heat a room quietly and at a rapid pace.  
    • Heat pumps circulate heat via the room, which means the filter removes dust, mold spores and other air pollutants whilst heating or cooling.

    Why should you use Ecobob quoting service for a heat pump?

    • Installing a heat pump is a large expense, therefore comparing prices is very important. Ecobob supplies you with 3 quotes from reputable companies, for free.
    • Avoid under sizing or oversizing the heat pump. Incorrect sizing can cause heat pumps to become inefficient, which in turn will cost you more money to run the machine. 
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    Heat pump water heaters use the same technology as air-to-air heat pumps. Just like room heating heat pumps, they are more efficient than traditional electric or gas water heaters. They use ambient heat from the atmosphere, extracted by refrigerant gas and a compressor. 

    Why should you take advantage of Ecobobs 3, free quote service to get quotes for a Hot Water Heat Pump?

    Depending on your location, you may need a different unit model. This is because different models have different temperatures at which they start to lose efficiency. Ecobobs trusted installer companies will be able to provide the best advice for brands and models. 


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    Benefits of Insulation

    • A well insulated home requires up to 30% less energy to heat in comparison to a non-insulated home.
    • A well insulated home is healthier – i.e. reduced respiratory issues.
    • Improved comfort within the home.
    • Reduced noise levels – insulation acts as a sound absorber, reducing noise from the outside coming in.

    Ecobob is here to help you find quotes for Insulation

    • Quotes for insulation via Ecobob allow you to receive the best value for the best insulation, for an environmentally friendly home.
    • Every house is different, therefore not all insulation types are suited for your home; it's best to get quotes from professionals who can recommend the best type of insulation for each unique job.


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    Why choose Ecobobs quote service for New or Retrofit Windows & Doors

    Changing your windows & doors in your home, or retrofitting fitting double glazing into your existing frames, can be a big job. Ecobob will put you in touch with the professionals who will recommend the best options available and will  advise on your requirements, supply the products and will install upon your request.

    Why upgrade to double or triple glazing?

    Planning a new build (hopefylly an eco home or green home) or upgrading your existing home then you will be considering the benefits of double or triple glazing if you don't already have it.

    Modern materials and desing offer a wide range of benefits, toghether with adding value to your property. Some of the reasons why double glazing is a great idea:

    • Living in close proximity to your neighbours, road, airports, or other noise pollution? Double glazing is a great solution for noise insulation and will reduce the amount of outside noise that penetrates your home. 
    • High quality modern frames are thermally broken (if aluminium) and will not allow condensation or cold briding. uPVC and timber are already great at preventing this.
    • Double glazing eliminates or at the very least vastly reduces condensation. (We had to constantly mop our sills and trhough away our mould covered curtains before retroftting our timber windows - no signs of condentation to date!).
    • Old, single glazing can weaken over time and when broken creates dangeruos shards. Why wait for an accident? Upgrade to modern glazing to gain all its benefits.
    • If you want a more energy-efficient home then double/triple glazing is the way forward. Reduce/prevent air escaping through old windows, letting the heat out and cold in. Create a more efficient heating system and more stable internal environment. Increased thermal insulation can save you a considerable amount on your energy bills over the course of a year.
    • An absolute must for your new eco home project!

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    What are the benefits of rainwater collection?

    • No chlorine in the water – good for the garden!
    • More control over your water supply.
    • Increased self-sufficiency.
    • Reduce water costs if your water supply is metered.

    Why use Ecobob to get 3 Free Quotes for Rainwater Collection?

    • Professional rainwater tank suppliers listed with Ecobob will help you locate, determine size and shape, and the material of the water tank needed.
    • By letting Ecobob know your requirements in the quote request form, we make sure that you are matched with the company that can best supply your requirements.
    • A building consent is often required for rainwater tanks, Ecobob suppliers will be able to help you council consents. 


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    • Get a great return of investment within six to eight years.
    • A solar hot water system can reduce your hot water bill by up to 75 percent.
    • Avoid some of the rising costs of power.
    • Increase the value of your home.
    • You reduce your reliance on power companies, as well as reducing demand on fossil fuels.

    Why should you get Ecobob to help you find quotes for Solar Hot Water

    • It is important to shop around for a solar hot water system and professional installer. Competitive prices, quality installers, trusted brands and products, it's what Ecobob does best.
    • There are different types of solar hot water collectors. Make sure you talk to the experts and allow them to determine what type is best suited for your home.


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    Benefits of hydronic underfloor heating

    • It warms the space and objects in a room.
    • The home is less likely to get condensation or mildew.
    • Living over a magnetic field created by electric underfloor heating could lead to a long term health hazard; water based systems are free from magnetic fields and are clean and healthy.
    • Systems are fitted with a thermostat and time controller –you can make the most of cheaper electricity rates and solar power.
    • The average monthly cost of running under floor heating with a heat pump is $150 (Ref: Central Heating NZ)

    Why get quotes through Ecobob for underfloor heating?

    Underfloor heating is an expense, but is a great investment for saving on heating bills. It is advised to get 3 quotes to compare prices but also to compare the value you are getting from different installation companies. Ecobob provides 3 quotes from reputable underfloor heating companies that are both professional and reliable.


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    Why use a ventilation system?

    • A ventilation system removes moisture and pollutants in the air.
    • Reduces condensation and mould.
    • They ventilate homes without having to open doors and windows.
    • They provide cooling in summer, and make the home easier to heat in winter.
    • Improves the health of the homes occupants.


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