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Please send all article material and relevant images to: [email protected]
Ecobob attracts a well-educated audience that are interested in eco-friendly living. Ecobob's website is viewed by over 15,000 people each month. There is no cost for articles to be published, but it must meet Ecobob's publishing policy.

Ecobob's Publishing Policy

Article material can't be defamatory.
Article material must be unique and not published anywhere else online.
'Green marketing' claims must meet the Commerce Commission's Green Marketing Guidelines
Facts and figures given in article material must be able to be verified by a reliable resource.
Ecobob reserves the right to refuse any material for publication, and also to remove articles at any time without notification; we don't exercise this right often.
Ecobob reserves the right to feature the article throughout the website and create hyperlinks within the article text.
We may edit and correct material if necessary.
We reserve the right to distribute material published via email newsletters to our database.
We may publish the views of those who might disagree with the material.
If you wish to publish without contact details please request this.